Angelica Lara MSW, LCSW

Hello – and welcome!

This is an opportunity for self-discovery and you are here. A courageous step that you are taking and it is so nice to have you. 

As a clinician, I am devoted to providing a safe, warm and therapeutic environment. I have been lucky enough to serve in education for over 15 years where I have worked closely with children, young adults and their families. My work has brought me into connection with individuals varying in age and developmental ability, and I have appreciated the diverse experiences that have come with this.

Through traditional therapeutic techniques and strength-based approaches, it is my mission to empower individuals on their unique journey to reach their greatest potential. I incorporate age-appropriate behavioral and play-based strategies in therapeutic sessions with younger children in order to cultivate an environment that supports them well.

I utilize a person-centered approach which takes into account, first and foremost, the goals, strengths and abilities of the person that I am sitting with. I will work directly with you to develop a treatment plan that meets the needs of you or your family member. It is difficult to be a healthy human at any age, and support and guidance that promotes safe and healthy relationships, good communication and problem-solving skills, and a deeper insight into oneself has enormous value.

If you are ready to begin your journey toward a healthier You; welcome. I know, it’s easier said than done and there is work ahead, but we’ll get there together