Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling Services Chicago - Evolve Therapeutic Centre

Congratulations on taking your first step toward a better life! Counseling is an effective way to manage issues that we all face with a streamlined and focused approach. Through a variety of approaches, our team creates a unique and individualized plan for each person that comes in for services. Whether you are struggling with finding balance in your life or there is a more profound issue to face, services will be tailored to meet your needs.

At e*volve, we offer traditional talk therapy, play-therapy, spiritually focused guidance, mind-body techniques, and other modalities to fit the needs of the individual.

Sometimes the traditional office setting is uncomfortable or ineffective for an individual.  NBT or Nature-Based Therapies are sometimes used to help individuals of all ages engage with nature to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. There are a variety of ways that this method can be utilized to promote healing and overall health and well-being.

Our team works with individuals at all stages of development. School refusal and anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly more common in children. Teens are faced with the challenge of developing their identity in a high-pressure world, and as adults, we face issues that sometimes require extra support.

Counseling can help you or your family member make sustainable changes in behaviors and overall self-concept. 

We offer services in the office, via phone, skype and email based on the individual needs.

Gain Insight / Achieve Goals / Resolve Conflicts / Improve Relationships / Make Smooth Transitions / Develop Control Over Emotions / Change unhealthy behaviors / Find Balance / Break through Barriers / Develop Copings Skills and Tools.