Sonia Shaikh Dinelli, MSW, LCSW

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity……” Albert Einstein
I have always loved this quote. I believe that for every challenge with which we are faced, we have the power to decide what plan of action we take in approaching it. There is always a positive that results from conquering the negative. I also believe that the younger we are when we learn how to do this, the better adults we become. Difficulties are part of life, and when we overcome an obstacle, we feel empowered, proud, and happy. It is a wonderful feeling!

I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and have worked as a case manager for women and children, as well as a school social worker. Having over twenty years of experience working with adolescents in a school setting, I have witnessed the many changes throughout the years regarding the issues young people face. Add to those issues the world of social media and technology, and it is an even more difficult feat. I use a gentle, yet realistic approach with adolescents, focusing on the here and now, and what they can do to turn the “bad into good.” I believe that it is crucial to validate one’s feelings, then move into a treatment plan that focuses on short-term goals with positive long-term outcomes. I have worked with a variety of adolescent issues, and have expertise in the area of special education.

Parents are often part of the treatment plan, which I strongly encourage. Many of the students I’ve supported throughout my career are challenged with autism and emotional disabilities. I also enjoy facilitating small counseling groups that focus on self-esteem building, social language (autism spectrum), motivation, divorce and loss, anger management, and stress management.
I truly believe that everyone at some point could benefit from counseling support; we are human beings that face challenges that are at certain points in life, overwhelming.

Another focus of mine is in the area of infertility.  It’s an issue that hits close to home.  As someone who has gone through my own infertility challenges, it has become my passion to support women and men who have been faced with the reality of this diagnosis.  Infertility counseling is a specialty that combines the fields of reproductive health psychology with reproductive medicine.  My hope is to bring awareness and support within the Joliet area and surrounding communities, so that couples that face these challenges have an outlet as they make difficult decisions and experience tough medical procedures.  In order to enhance my ability to provide support to those facing infertility, I have received 30 continuing education hours within the infertility counseling field by taking a year-long course.  I will be available to consult with reproductive endocrinologists and their support staff as my clients move through the process of testing and treatments, including IUI and IVF.  I will also provide support to couples choosing donor gametes and gestational surrogates.  I believe the only way to overcome the pain of infertility is to find a way back to a full, meaningful life, no matter where one is in their journey. It is a process and it is possible. If you or someone you love is experiencing infertility, there’s a lot of hope and I can help.

Sonia Shaikh Dinelli, MSW, LCSW


“Turn your obstacles into opportunities and your problems into possibilities…….” Roy T. Bennett


Specialty Areas:

– Infertility Counseling
– Autism Spectrum Disorder/Social Language
– Anxiety
– Behavior
– Self-Harm
– Anger Management
– Stress Management
– Peer Relationships
– Coping Skills
– Divorce and Loss
– Bullying
– Depression
– Special Education IEPS
– 504 Plans
– Crisis Intervention
– Response to Intervention (RTI-Behavior)