Life Coaching

Coaching is a service that is utilized by a wide variety of individuals. It 20160312005016differs from counseling in that it is focused on the future and the action steps that are required to move you toward a more fulfilling life. Maybe you are going through a change or transition, or entering a new season in your life. Maybe you are focused on specific goals in your personal life, career, or relationships.

Your coach will help you discover your unique skills, needs, and purpose. They will partner with you to set up an individualized plan to achieve your personally identified goals. They will work with you to become aware of and eliminate barriers and partner with you on your journey toward personal advancement.

At e*volve, we believe that coaching can be used in conjunction with or separate from counseling services. Sometimes a team approach is the most effective way to support our clients. Having a team provides multiple perspectives and more importantly, opportunities to support you in different ways. Coaching is a service that we believe in. Working with a coach can help you to take the work that you are doing with your therapist to the next level. Your Coach can provide direction, accountability and added support as you work toward specific goals in your life.