Aggie, Co-therapist

My name is Aggie and I am a young Bernese Mountain Dog. I was born in the summer of 2018 so that will give you a sense of my age! I am a very sweet and big-hearted pup and I was hand-picked for my job of co-therapist because of my exceptional demeanor. I was such a balanced little puppy showing interest in my litter mates but also very interested in engaging with humans. I am currently working hard to learn all of the manners that I need in order to be welcome in the office space. Currently, I am working on my Canine Good Citizen Certification which will allow me to continue on to pursue the Therapy Dog International Title.


You might be wondering why a clinician would bring a dog into the therapy session. Well, dogs have a long history as active agents in the healing arts. Also, they are constant companions for many and can bring an added layer of comfort and encouragement into the therapy room. If you’d like to read more about another co-therapist dog named Bodhi, this is a great article that will tell you more about the kind of work that we canines do in the office.  dogs-healers-dogs-co-therapists-ptsd


I am currently a part-timer in the office, so if you see me don’t hesitate to ask how you can interact with me! In the future, I hope to be welcome into sessions with other therapists and clients who might enjoy my company while they are working on the tough things that bring them into the offices at Evolve Therapeutic Center.